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PAGES: 514

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Plague Wars: Infection Day: The First Trilogy

By David VanDyke

“Just do what I tell you, Elise,” she heard Jenkins say as she stared at the weird weapon. Growing up on her father’s ranch, she’d fired handguns and shotguns and rifles before, but this thing…he said it was an automatic shotgun, but it looked more like a blaster from a sci-fi movie.
“Hold it tight into your shoulder. It’s going to kick like a mule but you shouldn’t have any problem with that.” His unsettling eyes locked with hers, and she asked herself again why she didn’t point it at him and use it once he gave her the ammo.

Because I can’t, she answered herself half-bitterly. I never was a killer, and I can’t fight my conscience.

She’d made her peace with her morality, even if it did mean she was under Jervis Jenkins’ thumb. Her current jailer loathed him to the limits of her ability. She considered biting him and seeing how he’d like to deal with the consequences, but then others would come to stash them both away in some deep hole and throw away the key.

At least now she was a pampered pet.

At least now they needed her.

For a while.

“Come on, Elise. Focus. Show me how you like to hold it.” Jenkins played with the Ziploc bag of special shotgun shells, relishing his cheesy sexual double-entendre.

Ignoring him and his innuendo, she snugged the weapon in tight like any other shotgun, dry-fired it, then cocked it again. “Nothing to it,” she said confidently.

Bravado kept Jenkins happy. Sometimes. She had to play his games, and the Doctor’s games, and even though they never took advantage of her that way, she was still emotionally dead to them, held prisoner as she was.

Though she was an atheist – I’m a scientist, after all, dammit! – at the end of her rope, she had recently begun praying the same prayer, over and over, to the Universe or whoever: somebody save me.

Jenkins snapped his fingers, master to bitch. “Okay come on, step in there, and let’s go over the plan again.”

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David VanDyke

David VanDyke is a Hugo Award and Dragon Award finalist and bestselling author of the Plague Wars, Stellar Conquest, and Galactic Liberation sci-fi adventure series, which have sold more than 500,000 copies to date. He is co-author of three of BV Larson’s million-selling Star Force Series books. He’s a retired U.S. military officer, a veteran of two branches of the armed forces, and has served in several combat zones. He lives with his amazing wife and business partner Beth near Tucson, Arizona, USA.

Galactic Liberation Series:

– Starship Liberator

– Battleship Indomitable

– Flagship Victory

– Hive War

– Straker’s Breakers

Plague Wars: Decade One

– The Eden Plague

– Reaper’s Run

– Skull’s Shadows

– Eden’s Exodus

– Apocalypse Austin

– Nearest Night

Plague Wars: Alien Invasion

– The Demon Plagues

– The Reaper Plague

– The Orion Plague

– Cyborg Strike

– Comes the Destroyer

– Forge and Steel

Plague Wars: Stellar Conquest

– First Conquest

– Desolator: Conquest

– Tactics of Conquest

– Conquest of Earth

– Conquest and Empire

B.V. Larson’s Star Force Series with David VanDyke:

– Star Force #10: Outcast

– Star Force #11: Exile

– Star Force #12: Demon Star

The Galactic Liberation Series is David VanDyke’s latest, a grand saga of struggle against human tyranny and alien danger. Personal adventures, mechsuit combat, and space fleet battles mesh seamlessly in this page-turning series of epic books in the mode of Honor Harrington, Starship Troopers, and Star Wars.

The Plague Wars apocalyptic thriller series begins in the world of today with a man and a woman twined together by circumstances, destined to change the world. It leads readers into an ever-darkening future of upheaval, struggle, and war marked by the depths of evil and the heights of selfless sacrifice. Plagues, secret technologies, and extraterrestrial meddling provide the backdrop for heroes and villains to struggle for control of the destiny of humanity.

The Stellar Conquest series carries the central cast of Plague Wars forward a century into the future when humanity turns to the stars to find its destiny. Follow the starship Conquest as its captain and crew take the fight to Earth’s enemies, finding allies and making heroic sacrifices to secure the future of our solar system against a hostile universe. Read it first and then its prequel series Plague Wars, or read it in order from The Eden Plague onward if you prefer.

The Star Force Series is a sweeping space opera and military sci-fi saga of alien invasion, telling the story of one ordinary man, Professor Kyle Riggs, who rises to become Earth’s most implacable defender. In book 10, Outcast, his son Cody Riggs, fresh out of Star Force Academy, takes over the legacy. With more than a million copies sold, this top-rated science fiction series sweeps readers into adventure.

David VanDyke

David VanDyke